martes, octubre 11, 2005



day 2 of online defensive driving. 8 sessions left. grr.

i am seriously exhausted. i am at school for no less than 10 hours a day. i teach all day long then do after-school enrichment classes. i love the after-school classes because the kids ROCK and love being there (especially today's class, which consists almost exclusively of my former and current students), but after everyone clears out, i've got even more to clean up, plan and prep for. so i'm reminded why i love working with kids, but it's wearing me the hell out. i try to stay social, so i'll meet up with friends for drinks or dinner. i'm home past sunset and by that point all i can manage is some painting, tv, or maybe lesson planning or computer stuff. bedtime? between 10 and 11 pm.

lord help me, i'm only 24!!!

Welcome to the real world. It only gets worse. But after school programs are fun (I teach one too).
how can it get worse for a single person my age? honestly, i have no idea how people with families do it! gets worse? when did that happen? I think I quit.
Being married with children, makes it hard to know if you're coming or going. besides the after school programs, there are football games other extra curricular activities plus the famous development classes(that are a joke) and take your time. It seems that just when you think that you have a weekend or time to yourself, the school district throws development meetings at you and then change the date after you have submitted the sub request, now I have to wait to see if my sub can change days or we play the find a sub game.
I once read that being a teacher is one of the, if not the most, stressfull jobs in America. You know anything about that? If that's true, WOW. I never would've thought.
Get a job outside the classroom asap. It's just getting harder and harder. I've stuck it out for 19 years, I'm 40 and a bilingual teacher to boot, in Tucson, Arizona but my wiser colleagues have become curriculum specialists, instructional coaches READ: flex time, hour long lunches, no grades, lesson plans, etc. They seem much happier. I'm thinking of making the leap myself.
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