miércoles, octubre 19, 2005



this morning my kids saw a bigass cockroach. i asked one of my boys to step on it and instead he grabbed a pencil box. a PENCIL BOX. resourceful, eh?

my pathological liar who had been doing so well flicked off two students this morning. so many stupid little things have happened that she got sent to pre-k today and the next step is suspension. i told mom and she seemed astonished that all this is happening. she's never been like this before.

my unspoken response: my ASS.

in the afternoon, my kids did a helluva job in math. they did centers quietly and stayed on-task the whole time. i asked them what was going on... was there something in the ketchup today? why were they being so incredibly well-behaved and productive? my kid with a driest, frankest sense of humor ever given to a six-year-old cocked his head and told it to me straight-up: "Because we're focusing on our work."


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Your comment about your unspoken response is just TOO FUNNY!!!

I know exactly what you mean. How many times as teachers have we heard the parents of unruly kids say "he never acts this way at home." Yeah, right!!!

Thanks for the chuckle!!!
I second msabcmom...good for you! Hilarious. And so true.
Hilarious. Me encantan tus kids. :)
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