jueves, octubre 27, 2005


nobody likes a smartass!

this monday we will have our first of two permitted class parties. the class vetoed my idea of holding off on a full-fledged party and instead having a "Bat Fruit Feast." natural sugars, be damned! being the comilona that i am, i immediately started suggesting things their parents could bring: enchiladas, tacos al pastor, and of course my all-time favorite, pastel de tres leches. one kid's response to the latter request:


Niño majadero!
Enjoy your party : )

Take Care!
Tres Leches- my favorite too! If you ever come to Houston I shall take you to a funky little place that serves REAL Mexican food (not Tex-Mex and Tres LEche to die for).
That is too funny. I hope he brings a lot of straws...
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