domingo, octubre 16, 2005


oh bother

it's the time of year when we complain about report cards and lesson plans. everybody does it, don't feel bad. but if i may preach to the choir briefly:

don't come to work everyday full of piss and vinegar. don't yell at your kids because YOU are frustrated with teaching. don't be bitchy to your co-workers because you're dissatisfied with administrative decisions. don't act put out because you have to differentiate your teaching. don't neglect your lower students because they require more of your attention, and don't be resentful because of it. and definitely don't expect me to commiserate when i've got a full plate of my own and it's just my second year and you're on your fourth. i'm sorry, did you think teaching was a walk in the park? what planet did you just come from?

and for the love of all things holy and good, don't make first grade all about worksheets. don't insult your students like that. a little effort won't kill you.

..stepping off soapbox.

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