miércoles, noviembre 02, 2005


my head is going to explode

four students got in a fistfight on the playground.
we made pan de muertos.
four students walked out of my classroom to attend to a butterfly. no permission was asked.
i had no coffee this morning.
one student is having serious family problems.
another student was spelling bad words (but not SAYING them).
my retainee is driving me crazy by acting like a baby.
a new student is driving me crazy with his annoying let's-see-how-long-i-can-be-out-of-my-seat-and-off-task attitude.
and then i had to teach my after-school class, which i normally love but had no time to prep for because of the day's craziness and therefore did not enjoy at all.

i'm glad some kids can be self-sufficient. cause otherwise i would have gone absolutely insane.


To quote Alexander..."Some Days are like that, even in Australia".
It's only 3 weeks till Thanksgiving break!
Oye, that's practically all of your class "gone bad"...
Breathe in, and out- RELAX! It's just a few more weeks before Thanksgiving:)

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

how did your pan de muertos come out?
pan de muertos came out beautifully... the quickie recipe i used as given to me by a friend:

get a can of quick-bake biscuits. give each student two rounds of biscuit dough. cut one round in half; roll one half into a ball and the other half into a short, fat snake. roll the other round into a long, skinny snake. forming a T with the two snakes, wrap the long snake around the fat snake to form arms crossed over a body. put the ball on top as a head, add details with a toothpick and bake until brown. decorate with frosting as desired.

quick, easy, and the kids loved it and were able to make a thorough how-to list about it.
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