domingo, diciembre 04, 2005


almost there

time's flying by... i've got some grade-level drama, an upcoming observation, and a navidad unit to plan. therefore, no time to blog! let me know if you've got any good end-of-semester or holiday activities and/or book suggestions.

I had my Brownies do a craft recycling old Cds into Christmas ornaments. Tie a string around the CDs, glue a red or green paper circle over the label, create a Christmas design in glue (I gave them a small sheet of simple ideas likea triangle + rectangle tree), shake glitter over design, shake off. Vaccuum rug.
I like bringing in different kinds of poinsettias and then reading El Regalo de la Flor de Nochebuena and The Legend of the Poinsettia. I also read Too Many Tamales and tell the kids how I really love tamales and surprise, surprise, I get some within days of that story! :-)
There is a really good Horrible Harry series book which discusses all of the December/winter holidays which is really good. It is called Horrible Harry and the Holidaze, I think. The kids relly love that book.

Have a fun December!!!
To piggyback off of msabcmom: I also read The Legend of the Poinsettia (Tomie dePaola). Then we make paper poinsettias by tracing our hands on red & green construction paper, gluing them to a small paper plate, and gluing yellow pom-poms in the middle. The kids love it and it sucks up a lot of time. Good luck with observation!
We are making's surprisingly fun and easy. Newspaper, balloons, water, flour. Science, math, social emotional, fun, fun, fun.
I love Too Many Tamales too - it's something the kids can relate too.
I also like one by David McPhail called Santa's Book of Names, which is wonderful to teach inference. I don't think it's been translated though.
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