martes, diciembre 27, 2005



i was out of town for a week and came back home last night around 11. my answering machine light was blinking, but since the only reason i have a phone landline is because of my alarm, i figure it would all be solicitors since no one ever calls my home phone.


14 messages from a student. she sounded happy so i think she just missed me and wanted to chat. of all my kids, she'd be the one to be smart enough to look me up in the phone book and call to see what i was doing over the break.

kinda sweet, isn't it? i'll call her back soon.

Very sweet - enjoy the rest of your break!
Have a wonderful 2006!
May it bring you many blessings!

14?!! Man. Isn't she like in fourth grade? Wow.
Aw, that's cute! You should feel loved. And very slightly stalked.
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