viernes, diciembre 23, 2005


music makes the people come together

i hate new year's resolutions and reflections, but sometimes we all indulge ourselves in traditional stupidity. however, instead of getting sappy and emotional, i'll treat you to a few great lists of the best albums of 2005 followed by a very short list of my recommendations (some you may have seen before, i don't listen to a lot of new music, i'm lame like that).

Best of Lists:
El Mas Chingon: Ces has fantastic taste in music, despite his MIA misstep =)
KEXP DJ Top 10: My favorite radio station, in Seattle or anywhere else, has tons of lists to check out in a variety of genres.
Best Songs You Didn't Hear in 2005: I think this list is more mainstream than it thinks it is, and I still don't like MIA, but there are a few songs that I rather liked.

And my lame list:
1. Amadou & Mariam, Dimanche a Bamako
2. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Cold Roses
3. Gorillaz, Demon Days
4. Andrea Echeverri, Andrea Echeverri
5. Cafe Tacuba, Unplugged

...and I think Coldplay's X&Y was the biggest disappointment of the year. Snoozefest. If you've got any 2005 releases i should check out, comment away! Have a merry weekend!

Feliz Navidad!
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