domingo, enero 22, 2006



i'm still alive... haven't felt the blogging bug this month so entries have been scarce. i've been immersed in a new art project, trying to take some classes, and figuring out relationship nonsense. i've also actually been trying to plan (gasp!) a lot of my lessons, and good freakin lord that takes a lot of time! this semester i'll be teaching an after school dessert-making class, so if you've got some good no-bake goodie recipes, please send them my way!

Glad to know you're here. I was worried that that article you were mentioned in had driven you away from your blog.
Have you already had your 100th day of school?

This may not be an exciting dessert, but for our 100th day of school we always make a 100 piece trail mix. I bring in pretzel sticks, raisins, peanuts, marshmallows and M & M's. The kids have to come up with an equation using all of the ingredients that is equal to 100. After that, they need to write a recipe for their snack. When both the equation and the recipe have been written and approved I let them make their trail mix.

(I do limit the amount of M & M's and marshmallows!) :-)
you will feel like blogging.
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