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co-worker obligations

i don't think that just because someone works with me i should feel obligated to throw them a party to celebrate something personal. there are four teachers on our first grade team. three of us were at the school last year, two of us in first grade. the new teacher got engaged in the fall and is getting married in march. i barely get along with her socially much less professionally (severe philosophical and stylistic differences in teaching, not to mention opposite personalities), so WHY should i help finance a celebration for her?

call me bitter and cheap, but seriously, you people know how little i make. i'm generally pleasant to everyone at school, albeit quite quiet around those i don't know well, but niceties should only go so far.

unrelated: this morning i was rereading a big book and gave myself the mother of all paper cuts. i love the fact that my class was totally unplussed when i shrieked, announced i was bleeding, and demanded that another student pick up where i left off. they can roll with the punches... and tell time like nobody's business!

If you're cheap and bitter, then I'm joining camp with you. You have enough to deal with without having to do crap for people you don't care for!

Screw the party; be antisocial.

(Can you tell that my personal work philosophy is that I'm there to teach, not make friends?) hahaha
you shouldn't have to be in charge of this!!
isn't there at your school some sort of "fund" for this type of "event"....funerals, babies, marriages, illness, retirement, etc.

have a wonderful weekend...
can hardly wait for summer!
I too hate the "mandatory" baby and engagement showers. I'm not sure when showers changed from being a celebration party given by ones friends into extrotion from one's co-workers but they need to move back home where they belong. We have one this week and one the week after. Thank God nobody on my "team" is in the reproduction business any more - at least I only have to fork out for the prsent, not the party. Bah Humbug!
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