lunes, febrero 27, 2006


me quedan tres meses

it's an odd time of year. spring break is around the corner and things are getting serious. retention lists are being compiled (i don't have any kids who are possible retainees, and i'm the only one in first grade who can say that), parent conferences are being done, and i feel like i've already blogged about this before... hmmm. pardon me if i'm being repetitive. anyway, i've sent a few select students to kinder and second grade in the last two weeks so they can get a little perspective on the behavior and work ethic i expect to see in these last few months of first grade (cause they're not showing it to me). i'm noticing how much my kids have grown... how many teeth they've lost, how much taller they are, how outgoing and comfortable they have become with me and their peers.

today i spoke to a parent about how chatty her son is. i reassured her that it didn't bother me; on the contrary, this guy only had one friend at the beginning of the year and that student was moved to another class in october. i was quite worried about his ability to make new friends, but now he's socializing beautifully. he gets his work done and he rarely has conflicts with other students, so i'm quite happy to see him chatting regularly. then there's the girl who is always waiting in front of my room with a smile on her face ten minutes before the bell rings. she's always got a story to tell and is filled with spunk. mom and i had some conversations in the beginning of the year because she was a bit of a llorona; every morning, she'd burst into tears once her mother headed out. after a few weeks it resolved itself as i gave her lots of little jobs to do once she arrived in my classroom (she also had the option to write her mother little notes throughout the day whenever she missed her) but it would still happen from time to time. last week, my little chamaca had an accident in the cafeteria. when i asked her what happened, she bravely told me as tears filled her eyes... but they didn't fall. she's growing up and learning how to deal with her emotions.

it's amazing how well you get to know these guys. and it's amazing how quickly time flies. as much as i complain, i'm gonna miss the hell out of my little mocosos.

yes, one is able to see the child's growth-
both academic and physical!!

we're in the midst of Report Cards...
and thinking of possible retentions.
i only have one child up for retention.

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