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seniority senschmority

i don't know what or where i'll be teaching next year.

there's all kind of flux at my school every year... an alarming teacher attrition rate and unpredictable student enrollment. however, next year they are getting rid of all our early childhood/pre-k programs and some of the teachers in those grades with a lot of seniority will likely be trying to stay at our school by teaching another grade. my job may be in jeopardy.


Girl! We're on the same boat. My district is opening 20 new elementary schools and sending 6th grade to middle school (used to be elementary). They're re-drawing boundary lines up the ass and our enrollment is dropping by about 300 kids. I've been thinking, where is everybody going? No te preocupes tanto por ahorita. Hay que hacer changuitos y seguir haciendo buen trabajo.
no te desesperes!!
you might not be at the same school, or even grade level...but teachers are needed- you will have a job!

That REALLY sucks!

I have to tell you thought that seniority doesn't always secure your position. Two years ago we had an immigration raid and lost 150 kids. Due to the loss in students, we had to lose teachers as well. Some lost their jobs and others were transferred to other sites. A teacher who had been at our school for 20 years was moved from fifth grade to resource at another school because he had the credential for it. He had NO choice if he wanted to keep his job. He was lucky to keep a job but it was SO unfair that he was moved after putting in so much time at our site.
You will have a job, but changing schools/ classrooms is the pits - esp. when you consider all the effort you put into your classroom, esp. that magnetic wall!
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