miércoles, febrero 15, 2006


valentine's booty

i love holidays because my kids get me the craziest gifts. this v-day, i went home with:

stuffed lion w/puffy picture frame
heart mug
oodles of chocolate and candy
yellow tulips
a feather rose (i'll take a picture, but trust me, it's pretty)
heart candle
weird ceramic baby bootie with an angel inside

...and the kicker: a love shotglass.

even funnier because i came to school today with a decent hangover. classy, i know. my co-worker wore the same clothes she had on last night, so it could have been worse.

glad to hear you had a great V Day!!
hangover? hmmm...social life is IMPORTANT! : )

i know it's been some time since you tagged me...
but i am just now getting to it,
and i'm doing it one at a time.

Quite the woman about town.
Ha, I thought you were going to talk about a different kind of booty.
all conversation about the other kind of booty is limited to my personal blog =)
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