martes, febrero 28, 2006


whatever, i'm a badass

i was chatting with a co-worker today when i needed my kids to stop what they were doing. before i knew it, i busted into some vanilla ice. which inspired a new transition chant:

la maestra sez: "STOP! Collaborate and..."
students say: "LISTEN!"

cheesy, but dammit, it works. they needed something new and fresh anyway. funny how old and contrived it actually is.

(add this to my other transitions: the unsuccessful "Freeze!", wherein all students exaggerate their motions before actually freezing; the half-hearted "Give me five" where students hold up one hand; the local university hand motto and hand signal response; and my most effective pattern clap to which students respond with a double clap)

hmmm, I think I should try this with my fifth graders.

Currently I give a palms up signal with my hands and my students are expected to put their hands on their's dumb but it was better than the L shape ("listen") that they used to do with their hands...I felt like they were doing the "loser" sign.
what up, mr. rojo?!? when i used to teach middle school, i used the clap i mentioned as well as variations of "eyes on me in three.. two... one" and a couple other countdowns. with the smaller ones, i've found it really effective to say, in a regular/quiet voice until everyone is paying attention, "if you can hear my voice, clap once... if you can hear my voice, show me two fingers.. if you can hear my voice, cover your face with your hands... if you can hear my voice, make a sound like a rooster" etc.
Hahahaha. I don't think I could ever pull that off.
Funny read! It makes me smile. :-) Thanks for sharing.
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