lunes, marzo 13, 2006


spring break

my long-awaited vacation has begun and i'm spending it out and about. i have gone to bed no earlier than 3:30 am the last three nights. i'm reading augusten burroughs' running with scissors. i'm going to shows and clubs. i'm drinking regularly. it's almost like college.

i went to old navy today and noticed a group of college students. they looked horrendous. i am not a fan of the casual gypsy look. i saw a gal wearing brown converse, a calf-length peach-colored broomstick skirt that looked like it was taffeta, a sorority t-shirt, a giant yellow bead necklace and a brown tote bag large enough for three turkeys. BLECH. kids today, geez.

..yeah, this post sucks. sorry.

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