sábado, marzo 25, 2006


completely inappropriate

i have a mad crush on a student's (single) father. i've had this crush for a long time. i see him out and about occasionally, but i've seen him THREE times in the last week. we ran into each other at the grocery store today. i just smiled and waved, he came up and stood awkwardly next to me for a few moments, asking about my weekend as his kiddo bounced around next to him looking bashful. i think the feeling may be mutual.

yeah yeah yeah, i'm pathetic.

Que enamorada!! :)
Have you seen Must Love Dogs? He could not be incorrigible. :D
Ahhh! This is "scary"!!
Would you want to have this student as your stepchild?
Be very careful!!

Take Care!
lol, coco! i'm not DATING the dad... in fact, i think it's safe to say that what might otherwise be considered flirtatious behavior more likely comes off as a outgoing and upbeat parent-teacher interaction. plus, like i said, i'm pathetic!
Am I the only one who thinks a date is in the realm of possibility? It isn't against the rules... that's just dating the students! If he's cute and doesn't seem pyscho, I'd consider it... but if it's too weird... maybe fate is trying to send you a message?
eeek. how sweet.
Um, wait a minute ... don't I remember some post from back in the day about holding a student back a year so you could keep flirting with his dad?
oso, that is a DIRTY ROTTEN LIE!
Hey - the school year is almost over...it should be ok then, right?

Good luck!

dude, if the kid isn't in your class, or is going to graduate from the school you teach at, why cant you ask the dad out?
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!
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