sábado, mayo 06, 2006


i must be stark raving mad

we've had some pretty serious storms this last week. one damp morning, several of my students noticed a frog along the walkway to our classroom. on the back of another frog. they were oohing and aahing and in spite of the humping i knew it was something all my kids would be interested in. so i yelled at the line of kids in front of my door and told them to come over. they gathered around to look at these two friendly froggies and the earthworms around them. hot dad was just dropping his kid off and wandered over to see what all the fuss was about. he looked at the frogs, then looked at me with a smirk. "hey, they like frogs!" i said in mock defense. "and there's TWO of them!"

i have no game.

sadly, this year is ending on a depressing note. one of my boys was in a bad car accident that left his grandmother bed-ridden and badly bruised his forehead and hand. another student's parents' custody war escalated when dad physically abused his estranged wife in public, landing himself in jail and resulting in her rushing a restraining order that forbids his presence in the 1st grade hallway. one of my biggest "project kids" who has made a complete 180 in behavior and work ethic is moving next year. i'm losing my babies. and their lives seem much too difficult for their age. three more weeks.

As someone who has always kept the idea of teaching just barely alive in the back of my mind, I have to say, you do a good job of making it sound like a noble career. True - partly because there must be hot moms where there are hot dads ... but also because it's really clear that you have a major impact on your students. Don't forget all the good when the bad things happen.
What else could you have said to Hot Dad (that would not have been overtly inappropriate)? I don't think I have much game either...
Do we get to see a picture of Hot Dad?
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