miércoles, mayo 03, 2006


out of the mouths of babes, #432,168

yesterday my kids were at the playground when i noticed a group of students sitting in a circle by the swings. two girls were doing all the talking and one was waving a branch. i walked up to check it out and they informed me that they were playing school: Girl #1 was La Maestra, Girl With The Branch was my university mentor, and the rest of the kids were students. To demonstrate, Girl #1 turned to GWTB and ordered, "Go make some copies! And make me a sandwich!"

To know my kids is to love them. Whenever they say they're bored, I tell them to make me a sandwich. Hasn't happened yet (I actually have a fridge in my room and if they TRULY applied themselves, they could make quite a tasty little sandwich in a matter of minutes) but clearly I've beaten the idea into their heads.

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