jueves, junio 15, 2006


la maestra goes on vacation

new york, to be specific. any recommendations?

walk over the brooklyn bridge in the dark with a friend. go to a children's museum. go to gray's papaya and get a hot dog and any of their drinks. get drunk in a little red bar in the east village. sit on an old fire escape and watch the evening sky stay the same shade of dim orange all night. watch any movie playing at the IMAX.
enjoy! may your vacation be restful and exciting!! ; )
it's time to recharge our batteries...

un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.
ditto the Brooklyn Bridge, but go at sunset and look at the statue.

Go to the Cloisters (the Metropolitan Museum's medieval art collection on the extreme north - take the A train to the end of the line)

Go up the Empire State building at night (bring a sweatshirt). Print tickets on the web before you go to save lots of time in line.

Go to Washington Square Park in the daytime and watch the buskers and the chess players.

Now I'm jealous.
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