sábado, julio 15, 2006



hookahs and swimming make for yet another lovely summer.

i have been quite disgruntled about my training last week... it was five days of fairly useful information (certainly the most useful training i've ever had) but the presenter was culturally ignorant and misused a helluva lot of words for someone with a PhD. mostly i've just been irritated about having to waste my day indoors with a bunch of teachers. since i overindulged in hookahs and XX one night, i showed up an hour late to my training, and was promptly assigned lunch detention. yesterday this woman set up a table to sell her handmade jewelry. at the district-funded workshop she is leading. FREAK.

funny story, while i'm on the delinquent track. just to remind everyone how irresponsible (and lucky) i can be, ahora les voy a contar algo... habia una vez una maestra que tenia que tomar un examen para recibir su certificacion de ensenanza (sorry about the lack of accents, i'm on a sketchy PC at the moment). tomo un examen por la manana y dos por la tarde.. una cosa bien rara, porque no es recomendado tomar mas de dos examenes en un dia. durante el almuerzo, esta maestra decidio que tuviera que divertirse y se echo un mexican martini - una bebida bien fuerte muy parecida a una margarita. pues, no es una sopresa que se emborracho. y asi regreso al sitio del examen. a causa del alcohol, se puso muy dormida y tomo una siestitita mientras los demas estaban trabajando en sus examenes. se desperto despues de un ratito, termino rapidamente los dos examenes y se fue.

y los resultados? mas de 90% correcto en ambos examenes. suerte o talento? quiensabe.

Ummmm, tapeworm? Obviously, babelfish is failing me this time.

But it seems like fun was had....
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