domingo, julio 16, 2006


on the menu today

Rethinking Schools' latest issue has a feature on what kids are eating at school. Child nutrition is an issue that is very near and dear to my heart... and an issue that frustrates me regularly during the school year as I watch my kids bring "lunches" that consist of a Coke and Hot Cheetos. The article ends on a hopeful note, but it's sad that nothing ever happens efficiently in the public school system.

in other news, mr. babylon got canned. he's a refreshing change from the "i love children and teaching is my joy!" bloggers that make my teeth ache, but sometimes (as i also refer to my teacher buddy that grew up in the Bronx) was a little rough around the edges. ah well. i'm sure i can find some Teach for America fish-out-of-water blog to fill the same niche. i stopped heavily reading the teacher blogger circuit at the beginning of last year so i have no idea who's out there now. any suggestions?

I don't understand. Did I misread? If you dont want your kids eating Coke and junk....why do they?
my students bring aforementioned junk from home... if i see it, then i prohibit the sodas and such but the point is that their parents find it suitable for daily consumption.
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