viernes, septiembre 29, 2006


...and now the nitty gritty

i have two students that are hands-down my biggest challenges. reading at beginning year first grade level in second grade. they were placed. and the thing that KILLS me is that they have been at my school since PRE-KINDERGARTEN.

not to say that i haven't already seen dramatic progress. at the beginning of the year, the girl swore she couldn't read. today she was the strongest reader in her group. still struggles with first grade high-frequency words, but definite improvement nonetheless. however, she thinks a penny is called a dollar. she said the number 27 was "dos siete". she can't structure a sensible response to unscaffolded questions unless i'm next to her the whole time. and of course, mom refuses to help at home.

it's fucking breaking my heart.

Has it gotten any better...

These kids are hard to help when they are at such a lower level than the rest of the kids.

Good luck!
Come back! I want to know what's happening with these kids!

Hope you are doing well. Miss your posts.
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