viernes, septiembre 29, 2006


been awhile...

i know i've been slacking, but i've got an after-school class i've also been neglecting not to mention trainings out the wazoo. i have a few blogs (yup, superdork like that) and realized that i inadvertently posted a teachery post there but not here. so here ya go:

I had to go to a stupid teacher training this morning. I wasn't super bitchy about things and I actually took some initiative in our group work. It was pretty impressive. Then I was assigned to another group to role play a "Writing Sentences" lesson, based on already-prepared lesson plans. This idiot teacher dude kept over-complicating things and wanted to write his own lesson plan, and turn the lesson from independent practice to guided practice. Once I kind of beat to death the point that we were supposed to follow the EXISTING lesson plan, he couldn't get a hold of his character... because, you see, he was an actor in the theaaaaaa-tah before he was a teacher, and acted much longer than he's been teaching, so he really needs to understand where this role is coming from... is he a frustrated student? Did he truly understand the insect book we read? Did it really interest him?

In utter disbelief, I muttered something about how I didn't think a character study was necessary for a 4-minute skit/presentation. Sometimes I really question the amount of intelligence necessary to become a teacher...

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