miércoles, diciembre 13, 2006


but of course

they are moving me, mid-year, to an intermediate grade. because these things ONLY happen to me. (at least at my school)

Oh my goodness! That is a lot of work. Will they give you time to prep? What about supplemental materials etc??? Will they give you some $ to get what you need??? I am so sorry!

Good luck!!!
That just sucks. Good luck with everything!
it'll be fun. Hopefully it's fifth grade! We can partner up! Suerte!!
Darn - a TAKS grade, and the reading test loooms. Is it in Bi-Lingual or ESL?
Ugh, yuck. I'm sorry! Sounds like you're being punished for being good at what you do. What happened to, uh, inspire this lovely idea?
I'm so sorry...
Hopefully, it's a grade that you like, and that you have some material for also.

You'll need to give us the details...

MUCHISIMA suerte!!

That sounds terrible. Best of luck to you.
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