martes, junio 12, 2007


on the road... with teachers?

i'm going on my first official teacher training outside of the city. we are going to a texas town out in the middle of nowhere, a place i would definitely never intend to visit on purpose (if you've seen a bit of texas, you understand what i mean). i am spending two nights rooming with my teammate (we're cordial, but not buddies), which should be interesting, and i've got two days of science training to get through. i've kicked back a lot these first two weeks of summer so i think i'm ready for a brief return to work, but --as i realize every summer at teacher trainings-- i don't like other teachers. they ramble endlessly as if they are experts (i'm talking about my peers, not the trainers), they're rude and disrespectful, and sometimes they're just plain stupid.

and normally that's just a fact of life, but i've never had to deal with them for 48 hours straight. we'll see what happens.

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