lunes, febrero 14, 2005


día de amistad... y remediar

i knew with a class containing 13 boys, i was gonna get a lot of male attention today. my chamacos certainly didn't let me down. i got several plastic roses/rose bouquets, enough chocolate to last me through may, several lollipops and hard candies, a few small stuffed animals and two mugs. not too shabby considering i haven't been around for all that long (and that half of my kids' parents have a serious love/hate relationship with me). in fact, my nightmare mom got me the biggest gift of the day. but i guess for her, the chiste is being so unpredictable.

i decided not to have a class party for several reasons. one, i'm not big on encouraging my kids to gorge themselves on sugar. i bought them some cheddar goldfish which we didn't even have time to eat today. two, mexican moms are awesome cooks, and why should i settle for store-bought cupcakes and candy when i could have them make tamales, tacos, enchiladas and tres leches? three, i have some jehovah's witnesses in my class and didn't want them to be totally excluded. i think that turned out for the best. they got some extra recess time and we saved all the gift exchange for the very end of the afternoon so everyone was happy... and most importantly, in a few weeks i can start planning my mexican feast!

since today was so good, i'm assuming the rest of my week will go down the tubes. ah well... i'm leaving early thursday and am taking a personal day friday. i'll be interviewing with a charter school in another major city thursday afternoon; i'm not sure what i want anymore, but this job is a) a great opportunity to teach spanish, b) pays about $10,000 more a year, and c) gives me a chance to be part of a stellar staff. so i won't make any promises to anyone, i'll just see what happens.

and i got a new student today. back to 20 students. i have to test him for his reading level this week... lord help me, please make him at least reasonably close to grade level!

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