martes, febrero 15, 2005


their height and high-pitched voices are sooo deceptive

i hadn't realized how complex six-year-olds can be. the same girl who i thought stole my stuff and another student's glasses (although she never showed even a shred of guilt or remorse and we never got anyone to confess to a damned thing) has started forging her parents' signatures on her daily behavior sheet. i confronted her about it twice today and she totally froze up, which makes me start to think maybe she really didn't steal the stuff a couple weeks ago. anyway, as i told her i would this morning when i noticed the discrepancy between today's signature and what i normally see, i spoke to her father (who i swear is my age if not younger). he's very soft-spoken and has never even greeted me aloud, but he got very serious and i'm sure he gave her a good talking-to on the way home. i don't really understand why she chose to do this yesterday since she had excellent behavior. six-year-olds are weird.

adding to my confusion, my nightmare mom's son received two warnings today. being a good kid, he started bawling immediately upon receipt of the second warning at the end of the day. coincidentally, at 8 minutes 'til the end of the school day, my phone rang. i've taken to not answering the phone anymore to avoid annoying and irrelevant parent phone calls, but when it rang a second time i figured it must be important. of course, it was nightmare mom asking if she could have a minute of my time. i said no, we were in the middle of our end-of-day routine, and she spit fire through the phone lines and told me that she just wanted me to know that her son needed to go home with his sister. great, i thought, next she's gonna make a phone call to the asst. principal about how rude i was to her. when i saw her stalking toward me after school (i thought she couldn't come, isn't that why she called? JESUS woman!), i thought she was going to rip me a new one. on the contrary, she came to speak to me about why her son received two warnings--which was, of course, because he was being mercilessly attacked by two other boys. now for the record, the reason i gave him the second warning because he and three other boys (one being one of the named "attackers") were chatting and giggly. but she wouldn't hear of it. she began to cite several instances in which her son was picked on by these boys, and when i asked her why she nor anyone else had ever mentioned it to me, she said she didn't want to burden me with gossip. OH MY GOD. i wonder if she heard my jaw drop. bottom line, her son refuses to tell me whenever other kids are bothering him... something i can't quite believe since he's the first to tell me if someone sharpens their pencil without permission. my solution is to give him a little notepad to write in every day, that both his mother and i will sign, so he has to communicate with both of us daily about what happens in school. i think mom will go for it. wish me luck.

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