viernes, febrero 25, 2005


un pasito pa' adelante

YAY, IT'S FRIDAY!!! i've actually had a life this week so i haven't been keeping you all up to date on my daily weirdness. in summary:

  • i officially conferenced with nightmare mom. i agonized over it, i sought a lot of advice, and in the end it turned out great. i made a point of speaking up immediately (apparently a kid had grabbed her child's crotch.. of course, i didn't see it, so she wanted to know what i intended to do about it), then let her ramble for awhile about her concerns, with intermittent interruptions by me about how good and smart her son is (he really is a good kid, but one of these days his mom's gonna get him a bad reputation). it worked like a charm. she hasn't pestered me before or after school even once all week, and today she gave me a big smile and friendly slap on the shoulder as she left the cafeteria.

  • the other first grade teachers have had rough weeks, FINALLY making me feel like i'm not alone. the team leader has chilled out significantly... i have found that if i joke about her anal-retentiveness and bossiness, it goes over quite well AND still makes my point. in small doses, i'm sure, but for now we're chummy again. in fact, team leader actually has a parent crazier than mine that caused her to hide in my room after school because her student's mother was rather pissed after her court date regarding her son's excessive (40+) absences. at least my parents don't make me feel endangered.

  • the missing glasses appeared today. the little girl that i thought took them came up to me in the afternoon and announced that she had found them and that they were waiting in her backpack! i reminded her that her compañera's parents were very upset about losing the glasses, and that she should write them a letter explaining how she found the glasses. strangely, this kid was happy to do it and wrote a chipper little note to the parents. again, six year olds are weird, and i just need to accept that i will never fully understand them.

  • i've admitted to two teachers that i don't know if i'll be coming back. contracts must be renewed by the third week of march, and i still haven't heard back from the middle school. i guess i'll call next week.

  • parent conferences are coming up the monday after next, promptly followed by report cards. that should make things interesting. have a good weekend!

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