lunes, marzo 07, 2005


kickin' ass and takin' names!

today was parent conference day. out of 20 students, 14 had their parents show up and 2 flaked out. another mother came by and scheduled a conference for tomorrow. that's double the other two first grade teachers. score for the newbie!

out of my 14 kiddos that came (and i'm actually referring to the FOLKS of kiddos here), 4 discussed the possibility of retention. i promised them i'd retest their kids by wednesday's reading circle before i make them sign any paperwork. everyone seems grateful but worried. ójala que todo salga bien.

one of the mothers that complained to the asst. principal about me fucking loves me now. nightmare mom even brought me a bag of spicy peanuts and a bigass piece of cake. she also wasted half of her son's conference bitching about her daughter's teacher, but in a moment of weakness i just let her do it. i think subconsciously i just wanted more cake. speaking of which, it's calling my name as i type. three more days, and california here i come!

Hi there;

I came here through a link on nervous (now A Flying Leap) and from the header I thought you might find AllChars useful:
It might take a little getting used to, but in the end it's a hell of a lot easier than this ALT + 0123whatever windows bullshit for special characters.

y si estarás en San Diego en este viaje a California, envieme una linea y podriámos una estudiante de español y mi lengua con la lengua no es mu suave pero esto no me para de usarla (claro).
you're always traveling. how do you afford your rock and roll lifestyle?
it's called credit, baby!
Congrats. More teachers should be like you.
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