martes, marzo 22, 2005



these last two days have been dizzying. first of all, i didn't do any actual planning, and secondly, i had a TON of testing and paperwork to do in very little time (and thanks to the lack of planning, very little busy work for my kids). all but one of my kids have been retested for reading, this time i did the higher guys, and the results were astounding. i have six students reading at a second grade level and one reading at an end of third grade level. zowie. the other ones are all right on target for the year if not a little more advanced. AND 16 of 'em turned in their gigantic spring break homework packet. we celebrated today with brownies and rice krispie treats, sometimes nothing makes kids happier than sugar and i can break my own rules once in a while (i'm a big child nutrition freak... check out the latest thing that pisses me off).

in other news, i have won over nightmare mom. it's official... she apparently chatted with the assistant principal today and raved about me. as it should be, of course. after my cake and peanuts on parent conference day, i've received several big red apples from her son so it seemed like things were getting better... add that to the fact that today i got to tell her in person that her son's reading is absolutely astounding, and really, who wouldn't love me? scratch what i've said before, if i can make this woman do a total 360, i MUST be a miracle worker!

to top it all off, report cards are DONE... although i have to say, if you're a special area teacher the LEAST you can do is give me grades for all my students. it makes you look pretty stupid if you forget four of them and then submit grades for a student who withdrew in january. and for now, my laptop is working again. we'll see how long that lasts.

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