miércoles, abril 20, 2005


estoy contenta

i've had a surprisingly good day. i was on my feet for 13 hours and will be going to bed much later than anticipated, but it was well worth it. we had a field trip, but not really, because the only reason we left campus was because of all the TAKS testing this week. we can't take the kids out to the playground because it's by the secondary wing, so it's accepted practice to just take the kids out for the day. that said, we had nothing planned other than eating lunch outside nearby and letting the kids play. normally this would be stress-free, but three parents from my class volunteered to come. from the other two first grade classes: zero volunteers. and the moms that volunteered included the one that babies her little screamer and the high-maintenance mom that used to have a knack for driving me crazy (now she just brings me food, praise the LORD). surprisingly, they were actually relatively helpful and didn't get in my way too much (although two moms brought their infant or toddler children).

speaking of toddlers and things that get in my way, my steadfast friends will need to skip this part because they heard about it earlier this morning when i sent them this email in utter disbelief (appropriately entitled "no mames"):

this morning i say good morning to julia and notice her 3 yr old brother ramón standing next to her. apparently mom and dad have to work today so THEY LEFT HIM HERE SO HE COULD GO ON THE FIELD TRIP.

of course i freaked out and made julia go running to look for her dad. but SHE LEFT HER BROTHER HERE.

i think this is the stupidest example of parenting i have seen so far.

luckily, the kiddo ran after his big sister and they caught up with dad. but seriously, what the HELL are you thinking? at least propose your dumbass idea to the teacher beforehand.

what else... oh yes, today i met the almost-illustrious author dagoberto gilb. super cool. i like charismatic artist types.

a few other anecdotes that i haven't blogged about:
  • the other day mr. trouble (aka the pisser) was spending a little too much time by the fish tank near the sink with a "guest student" from next door (another crazy six-year-old who dropped his pants in class the previous week). knowing that trouble was brewing, i marched up to them and asked what they were doing. mr. trouble wiped something off counter and stuck his hand behind his back. i demanded to see what he had. trash. i told him and our guest student to sit down and do their work. "ok," they agreed. "and i'll put the fish back," added our guest student. WHAT FISH?!? the little fuckers were conducting some sort of search-and-destroy mission in the aquarium.

  • monday i thought i was looking cute. nice little sweater, pinstriped capris. i even blow-dried my hair. i was walking another class to specials when a straggler announced that i wasn't wearing lipstick. "yeah, you're right, i guess i forgot," i admitted. "and your hair looks poofy today." "uh, okay. go get in line." "where are you going?" "to my classroom." "go put on some lipstick... and brush your hair!" i laughed in disbelief. then told on her. =)

  • when i told my boys that girls can play soccer too, they insisted that it wasn't possible because "sometimes the balls hit you in the weiiiiiner." what that has to do with being able to play soccer i just don't understand.

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