jueves, mayo 05, 2005


caution, this is wind. wind, meet my good friend caution.

there are some facts that we've established:
1) my students' parents are absolutely insane.
2) i hate the PTA. although it's cute to see my kids "barn dance" to hokey music i would never listen to voluntarily, i think asking me to stay at school for 12 hours is a bit much.
3) the end is nigh.

some things i've learned in the last exhausting twelve hours:
1) the crazies can always get crazier. you give overzealous mamas a chance to see their children be quasi-competitive in a school-wide fun day and the overzealous mamas are more than likely to scream and shriek enthusiastically at first. but DO NOT BE FOOLED. their enthusiasm will quickly turn into anger and pettiness as they accuse la pobre maestra of unfairly organizing teams (we had an odd number, so they thought it only made sense that i, someone nearly 20 years older than my students, join the team that was one short. yeah. like i said, C-R-A-Z-I-E-S), they accuse the children themselves of cheating, and then to even the score THEY THEMFUCKINGSELVES start HELPING their kiddos cheat. while yelling in a quite grosero manner to the other students. if there weren't two weeks of school left (and if i knew for a fact that these people had stopped reproducing), i would have told them some serious shit. but alas, a teacher is also a public servant, and public servants just can't curse people out and expect to keep their jobs.
2) productive, independent work time is boring. but donuts are very good at keeping you occupied. my suggestion to all new teachers: keep some donuts handy.
3) apparently there is a ballet folklorico dance that involves guys and machetes. i do not think it is a good idea to have this dance presented in front of small children. i have visions of my kids trying out the moves at home. but with butter knives, i have to keep telling myself.
4) i love watching kids play. and dance. and explore things. just when i think i'm too tired to deal with anyone under four foot tall ever again, they surprise me. i've only known these kids for four months, but they became my kids long ago. i love them to death, and while i'm DYING for the year to finish, i will miss them like crazy. they may little mocosos at times, but they're my mocosos. sigh.

Hello! Encontre tu blog por medio del blog de Mike Arnzen. No hay muchos blogs academicos bilingues en el ciberespacio, y esto me parece muy interesante.
How did you get your blog to do the dates in Spanish??? Tengo que bajar algo o poner algo en el codigo de mi pagina? Tambien utilizo Blogger.
Bueno te voy a incluir en mi Blogroll y voy a visitar con mas frecuencia...
Adjunct Kait
to do dates in spanish: on the blogger dashboard, go to settings then formatting; on the formatting page, scroll down to date language and go crazy!

i'll link you right now, but out of curiosity, how'd you find me through mike arnzen?
It was that whole "6 degrees of separation" thing that happens in blogs...started at Mike Arnzen, went to A Schoolyard Blog, then Ms. Frizzle, then you. I couldn't remember the whole chain when I posted my comments...it's the end of the year, so I'm kinda tired...
I think someone needs to visit a day spa so that she can get extra pampered and she can "de-stress." Are you counting the days till vacation yet? :P
the countdown officially began monday... i have a day off too, so technically i've got 11 days left! rest assured, vacations and road trips have been planned and/or are in the planning stages, but a spa day doesn't sound like a bad idea at all!
So is your PTA the kind that wants to do what is best for the kids and would take a gently worded suggestion about what is best for the teachers to heart? Or are they the Mommies with no lives who try to establish social dominance through overplanning inane events?
the strange thing is these moms are not involved in PTA or in any other official "school helper" capacity. they just like to drop by the classroom and attend already-organized school events to either support or spend more time with their children. they don't have jobs and they have small children so they just tote them to the elementary school instead of staying at home. don't get me wrong: i have some stay-at-home moms that are great and totally low-key and sane. i have lots of really wonderful moms who work two jobs and still manage to stay very involved. but the handful of gossipy and competitive ladies are omnipresent at times and definitely taint my general perception of my students' mothers. it's been suggested that i give them small tasks to keep them occupied, but that's just extra opportunities for them to be around and bitch. to be honest, their sheer presence can be enough to ruin my day at this point.
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