martes, mayo 24, 2005


la ahogada

too... much... paperwork...

we have an end-of-year checklist that is FOUR PAGES LONG. the teacher that had my classroom in the fall didn't do zilch in terms of preparing students' cumulative folders. and i have approximately 83 bazillion things to inventory over the next two days since i can't toss anything without writing it down first. blah.

on a totally unrelated note, i LOVE boxing. the contender finale rocked and my baby sergio from east l.a. (aka the latin snake) brought it down. in the words of my other favorite boxer alfonso, ¡viva méxico!

hopefully the next two nights should be filled with rest and celebration... plus a little what-the-hell nose-piercing! i'm going to be submitting some art in a summer art show so i'll try to devote my free time in the next few days to that. whenever i return, i'll do a little reflection on my first year, best practices, and advice to future teachers. i've been avoiding addressing some current educational events that really get my goat just because i don't have this blog to rant about politics, so those of you who have come looking for things of that ilk, sorry to disappoint you. however, to update the nightmare mom situation: today, after the pajama party (no s'mores even though i got all the supplies! we saw a 5th grade exhibit and had only 1.5 hrs left so we read/colored under the tables with flashlights --you have NO IDEA how excited they got!-- and watched a movie. oh well, they had fun and looked cute and enjoyed the glow-in-the-dark stars and x-mas lights i put up) and water day (also a smashing success), la crazy asked me what i do on saturdays. i admitted that once summer began, i had no clue. then she said she would love it if i could come over for dinner sometime to eat with her family. in conclusion:

hell hath frozen over. goodnight.

I am speechless about nightmare mom. Am I evil for hoping you go to her house for dinner just so you can blog about it? Screw it, I'm evil, so do it! ;)
my check out sheet is six pages. it's not a contest, just a point. end of the year shit SUCKS. then we all line up outside for two hours and wait to get our lists checked off by aps. i don't have any new ideas for them, but the current way sucks for us. it's hot outside.
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