martes, julio 12, 2005



bad things about today:
1) the annoying girl across from me has the loudest voice ever. she opened her mouth and it was like a sonic boom, my body literally jolted in the chair out of surprise. the girl next to her is a sabelotoda who is driving me out of my mind. i am changing seats tomorrow, mark my words.
2) i got a ticket for running a stop sign. or rather, not coming to a complete stop. yes, my bad, but fuuuuck, this stuff is so costly... defensive driving, here i come.

good things about today:
1) i ate a delicious gyro and snickerdoodle.
2) i have a painting date tonight.
3) i am going to make a lemon cheesecake for the mini-dinner party i'm having tomorrow.
4) the teacher who is going to be joining first grade and will be my bilingual partner-in-crime sat behind me so we did a lot of brainstorming and sharing during the training's downtime.

that pacheco book i read today mentions tortas de nata. anyone ever had enchiladas de nata? fucking DELICIOSAS. but i'm not so much a fan of pan de nata. tomorrow i'm trying out a recipe for tacos de papa... no, not breakfast tacos (although those are certainly the shit), these consist of a mashed potato-like mixture wrapped in a corn tortilla and then fried, served with a tangy salsa that has jalapeño, tomatillos y aguacate. i haven't made them in a year but i think they're simple enough that i can't screw it up too badly. now here's my question: what makes a good side dish for something like that?

Rerfried black beans with chorizo.
i was leaning toward black beans... done!
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