jueves, julio 07, 2005


pregunta más allá

¿Por qué pregunto dónde estás,
si no estoy ciego.
si tú no estás ausente?
Si te veo
ir y venir,
a ti, a tu cuerpo alto
que se termina en voz,
como en humo la llama,
en el aire, impalpable.

Y te pregunto, sí,
y te pregunto de qué eres,
de quién;
y abres los brazos
y me enseñas
la alta imagen de ti
y me dices que mía.
Y te pregunto, siempre.

Pedro Salinas

*i can't find an english translation online and i hate trying to translate poetry by myself, so here's a VERY ROUGH translation, off the cuff... any corrections/improvements are welcome!

why do i ask where you are
if i'm not blind?
if you are not absent?
if i see you
come and go
your tall body
that ends in a voice
like a flame in smoke
in the air, impalpable.

and i ask you, yes,
and i ask you, what are you
whose are you
and you open your arms
and you show me
your tall image
and you tell me you are mine
and i ask you, always.

thanks, Lorinda!

Hey! I thought you were going to start translating for us. At first I thought someone was pregnant! But the dh informs me pregunta means "question."
Llama is also flame, which makes that like make more sense.

Thanks for posting poems lately. I'm working on my Spanish this summer, but I'm way too lazy to actually look for readable poetry on my own!
which makes that "like" make

Duh, line.
I like the poem-- reminds me, in some way, of "Pasado," a poem by Neruda (which I was going to point you to but can't find online. Oh well.)
Thanks for the translation. Wonderful poem. Perfect for my day today.
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