domingo, noviembre 27, 2005


blissful break

i have never slept so much. i have never eaten so much. and when i say never, i mean not since this summer. i saw movies (two thumbs up to rent and walk the line), i had sushi repeatedly, and i drank a bit excessively. i saw family and friends and even made it out to the gym (albeit only once). and somehow, i'm ready to go back and greet my kiddos with hugs and a warm smile in the morning.

hope yours was pleasant and restful. now let's go back and kick some ass before the holidays begin!

Glad to hear that you had some time to relax, be with family and friends, and to enjoy- "recargaste pilas"! : )

Just a few more weeks 'til winter break- I'm looking forward to it.

Take Care!
The break was so awesome. However, I am going on my fourth day back and I am dying. I am trying to figure out how to get my behind in gear and go to work. I am wiped out already! Three times this morning I thought about calling in sick. I don't want to go back in!!!

I will suck it up though and go to the daily grind...
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