miércoles, mayo 18, 2005


the bitch is back

(a literal title as well as an elton john reference. this weekend's 5-hr long car drive was spent listening to EJ's greatest hits, a helluva lot of billy joel, and other assorted tunes that aren't particularly cool for a couple 20somethings to be jamming out to, but WHATEVUH...)

just when i thought i could do no wrong (what with these FIVE DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL and all), ¡pataplum! nightmare mom showed up after school to ask if she could set up a parent conference. my face has never been able to lie, so i'm sure my incredulity showed immediately. so she mentioned that perhaps she should go directly to the asst. principal. whaaaat? well, yeah, there's not generally a need for parent conferences in mid-fucking-May, but if she wants to talk, FINE. i sent my kids who were still waiting to be picked up with another teacher and did some furious silent mouthing to the asst. principal who happened to be walking by, then very calmly sat down to listen to yet another tirade.

on monday, the day that the world's worst sub (who, i forgot to mention, took off exactly at 2:45 without walking the kids out. fantastic.) was in my class, nightmare mom's son was kicked in the neck by the child of another metiche mother. nightmare mom called me midday yesterday to let me know about "the situation", and although i spoke with the accused child, i forgot to serve his punishment during recess since TAKS retesting kept us inside all day long. today at lunch, nightmare mom & dad were in the cafeteria and overheard metiche's kid bragging "¡no me castigaron!" and what was i planning on doing about it because this is the THIRD time that kids have been making fun of her little precious and she doesn't know if it's racism or what but she's not going to stand for it. in fact, she'll talk to the asst. principal, and if he continues to blow her off, she'll take this all the way to the district! she's not scared! in fact, it makes her furious that her child is being treated this way!

seeing as how shit never goes down when i'm actually there, i was kind of at a loss for how i could help her. it's also difficult because precious never tells me about this stuff himself; i always hear about it the next day from his mama. i simply told her that tomorrow we will have a talk as a class about respect and taking responsibility for one's actions, and i will do the best i can these last days of school. that's the most generous offer i've got amidst all this dance-preparing, testing, and room-cleaning. but to be honest with you, my bloggy friends who know what it's like and don't care if i bitch, i am counting every blessed second that brings me closer to the moment when precious is finally OUT OF MY CLASS and nightmare mom is OUT OF MY LIFE... unless, of course, her toddler makes it to first grade and i'm still there =) can you say "formal request to change student placement"? ya basta con esas tonterías.

whatever happened with the dance? i lost touch with you. email me.
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